The PROJECT GENERAL COMPANY and Jonathan Kine are proud to be part of a second book. INDONESIA THROUGH DIFFERENT LENSES, co-written by 18 people of 16 nationalities (Indonesia, Germany, France, Panama, Argentina, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Czech Republic, Sweden, Sudan, Mongolia, Hungary, India, Canada, Malaysia, USA), will be launched on May 3rd, 2019. We are honored to have a chance to collaborate with 14 Ambassadors and 3 professional friends to promote Indonesia’s tourism. The PROJECT GENERAL COMPANY, Jakarta in collaboration with The Ambassador and CEO club are excited by this book and helping Indonesia. 18 Co writers, 16 Nationalities. (All proceeds will go to charity). Order INDONESIA – The Book?
Written by 18 people of 16 nationalities to promote Indonesia’s tourism. To order: WA: +6281293685985 e-mail:
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