Data Security is all about process

Data Security is all about process

(Updated by Endah)

Instead of running into the wall, run your technology with a focus on Security.

Most of the technology issues I have seen in the office are caused by violating what I call the basic technology equation.

The equation is:

Procedure + Process + Purchase = Elegant Technology
Procedure includes the standard functional procedures + 360 degree communication with your audience. Procedure includes how you train, manage, and grow your teams. The team is the key.

Process includes how you handle the technology and the work done with it. Process includes how you control quality, control the facility, manage the technology and business process.

Purchase includes the right tool for the right job at the best price.
The right tool based on functionality and useability, do not choose the popular tool if it does not work well.

If you follow the equation then you will foster security in a way that even the finance office of your firm can agree to work with.

We can help you secure your technology.