Are we overly social? Are people feeling the need for the “Antisocial” network?

Are we overly social? 

Are people feeling the need for the “Antisocial” network?

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I know I work with and build the technologies used to connect people and the world.  I am in the data center and also Internet Service Provider industry and enjoy the benefits of the tools I build.

Moreover, I enjoy the ability to connect people, places and even things together. The terms used to connect the things (machines) together include humanistic terms such as pulse for network connectivity, ping and pong for testing a connection, and I Googled to find out about  you are as a person. Think about it, I Googled (used a machine) to find out about a human being. I could have just asked.

Much of the personal information on the Internet exists because we  give up our privacy and personal information in order to join the social network world to connect with people. I am a chronic social net worker .  I am on Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, MySpace, Blogger, Twitter, WordPress, Delicious, AboutMe, Pinterest, and have my own website . In order to measure my existence I used Klout and Google Analytics to measure my online power.

I use comics as a focal point of my discussion as the are a relevant factor and provide social commentary. Bucky, for example wants to create the “unsocial” network.   I would imagine that instead of the like button or share button we have the “dislike button” and the UN-friend button. That is how an antisocial network would work. This is against my need for social connectivity.

Maybe my need for connectivity over reaches the need of others to be disconnected and antisocial. The discussion between Bucky and his owner displays this. Bucky wants to create an antisocial network, yet his owner calls him out of touch.

In the Existentialist movement  Kierkegaard and Sartre saw problems with rationality, calling it a form of “bad faith”, an attempt by the self to impose structure on a world of phenomena — “the Other” — that is fundamentally irrational and random. According to Sartre, rationality and other forms of bad faith hinder people from finding meaning in freedom. To try to suppress their feelings of anxiety and dread, people confine themselves within everyday experience, Sartre asserts, thereby relinquishing their freedom and acquiescing to being possessed in one form or another by “the Look” of “the Other” (i.e. possessed by another person — or at least one’s idea of that other person). (Source Wikipedia)

Simply stated, are we overly social and violating the Existentialist belief system? Are we sharing too much?